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FLASH 33 (5/16/02): Afghan Gas Pipeline Planned, Will Depend on US Commitment to Afghan Security

FLASH 23 (2/19/02): Why Is the US Letting Afghan Drug Production Resume?

FLASH 21 (2/15/02): Central Asia, the "War Against Terror," and Enron

FLASH 15 (1/18/02): NEW OPIUM BAN AND PROMISE OF US AID (updated 1/25/02)

The following five sections are designed to be read as a sequence.

3) Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the Northern Alliance, and drug-trafficking (updated 12/09/01)

4) BCCI, Afghanistan, and Past Drug-Terrorist Networks

4b) More on the BCCI-bin Mahfouz-bin Laden Intelligence Nexus (1/1/02)

5). Saudi Arabia's Ambivalence about US Retaliation Plans. (10/31/01)

6). Afghanistan, Turkmenistan Oil and Gas, and the Projected Pipeline (12/24//01; updated 1/25/02)

7). Overview: The Deep Politics of Drugs and Oil